Automated Wage Order Compliance

EmployerPay Enables You to Easily Comply With Chapter 13 Wage Directives

Flexible automated solutions from TFS improve the wage order process to reliably ensure compliance while reducing costs and administrative burden.

Respected and Trusted Industry Leader

The largest provider of bankruptcy e-payment solutions designed to keep your employees on track.

Automated Wage Deductions

Easily integrates with your existing payroll system. Eases the administrative burden of wage order directives.

Employer Benefits

Seamless setup and processing to easily meet court-ordered responsibilities in a cost-effective manner.

Employee/Debtor Benefits

Instant access to payment status while easing the burden for the employer provides the best chance of success.

Multiple Options to Fit Your Business:

  • Payroll Integration

    Our most popular program that fits organizations of all sizes. The bankruptcy plan amount is deposited directly to the trustee and the net amount is deposited to the debtor's bank account.

  • Approved Payee

    For employers who must follow formal procedures to approve and pay a third party vendor. This option is typically utilized by larger, national employers as it simplifies the trustee payment process, saves time and mitigates risk.

  • ACH Push

    Simple and easy method typically favored by smaller employers. Compatible with most banks' manual and automated bill pay services. Electronic payments are sent to a specific TFS account, avoiding business interruption and the expense of mailing a check.

  • ACH Pull

    All the benefits of an ACH Push, this option enables TFS to have scheduled bankruptcy plan payments pulled from the employer's account on paydays.

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